With leadership housed at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health, we are developing an interdisciplinary group of academic researchers, educators and public health advocates. Our vision is to catalyze cutting-edge research and education that maximizes the health benefits of immunization for everyone.

We aim to contribute locally and globally to healthy communities through excellence in interdisciplinary vaccine-preventable disease and immunization research and education.

Our goals

  • To be an internationally-recognized centre of excellence in vaccine-preventable disease and immunization research and education, with local and global influence and impact on health and health equity
  • To be a trusted source of knowledge on immunization and vaccine-preventable diseases
  • To catalyze and enable vaccine-preventable disease research across the lifespan that crosses disciplinary boundaries and forges new partnerships, insights, and research domains to maximize innovation and impact
  • To promote equity in access to immunization and equity in access to the benefits of the science of immunization and vaccine-preventable diseases
  • To promote good practices in immunization through education and research
  • To champion access to education on vaccine-preventable disease and immunization science across UofT education programs

Your valued support of the research and education undertaken by students, researchers, and faculty members will make a difference locally and globally in areas such as student scholarships and the inside-and-outside-the-classroom support, research excellence and knowledge translation, community engagement and outreach, and on-going training and education for the community of academics and practitioners.

Upcoming event: Vaccines Against Anti-Microbial Resistance.

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